Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Foundation

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509(a)(3) Type I supporting organization of the GVHS

EIN 93-1865462

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We appreciate all support.  Please read below the different ways you can give.  So that the Foundation gets full benefit of your gift send a check payable to Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Foundation, 135 Quilna Drive, Lima, OH 45806 or click the following link to use paypal or credit card:

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THE MISSION of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Foundation is to connect Gypsy Vanner Horses and people through charitable giving to support programs and initiatives to preserve the breed and the overall well being of the Gypsy Vanner and the people who love them.

The foundation is a supporting organization to the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society’s (501c5, EIN: 73-1700386) programs and events.  It will provide funds to support preservation of the breed and its history by research, education publications, educational seminars, and preservation of the history. Also advancement of youth through support of educational programs and seminars, youth publications, scholarships, and youth and amateur competitive events. Funds will provide support for promotion and training of the breed as a therapy horse, provide horse evaluations to educate owners on quality and to breed the healthiest animals, research and education of genetic issues, as well as treatments for health issues. Also it will support research for safety issues, special tack and equipment, as well as educate the importance of gelding horses, and supporting humane equine treatment.



Every gift makes a difference to the future of the Gypsy Vanner Horse and the Vanner community.  Every gift regardless of the amount makes a difference.  You can choose to donate one time or set it up monthly or annually.   Pay online or by telephone or mail.  You can designate your gift for a specific program, initiative, or general use toward the mission of the foundation.


Give a gift donation in honor of a special person or horse as a way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, award or accomplishment.    A memorial gift  is a timeless tribute to a deceased person or horse.  The honoree receives an acknowledgement card notifying them of your gift.  The amount will not be disclosed.  You have the option to designate it as an anonymous gift.


Choose to give to the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Foundation through your will or trust.   This will provide financial and/or tax benefits as provided by law.  while making a positive impact on the breed and the Gypsy Vanner community for generations to come.  Your tax, legal or financial advisor can assist you with getting this set up.


Your participation in events and fundraisers designated to benefit the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Foundation is an easy and often fun way to support the Foundation.

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