Grievance Procedure



The grievance process is designed to resolve problems or perceived problems.

Because of the nature of the internet, the Board of Directors of the GVHS has a very firm stance on taking any precipitous actions based on unsubstantiated allegations, defamation or general mudslinging, particularly when it is apparent that it is being generated or incited by one individual.

The Grievance Committee is established to privately and fairly evaluate the validity of any grievances and to recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors. The Committee acts autonomously in fulfilling their duties. The Committee will only take official action when a formal grievance has been received.


Informal Complaint.  If a member feels there is an error on a registration, a transfer, show points or any other day to day business type issues, the procedure is to first contact the GVHS office at, or by telephone at 888-520-9777 ext. 2, or send a letter to GVHS, PO Box 217, Florala, AL 36442.  Most of these types of complaints may be simple errors or misunderstandings and can be easily resolved.  If this type of issue is not able to be resolved by the GVHS Administrative office, then it can become a Formal Grievance.

Formal Grievance.  A formal grievance may be a registry business issue that has not been able to be resolved with the GVHS office representative, or it may be an ethics grievance, or other serious grievance requiring the attention of the Board of Directors.

  1. The person making the grievance will complete and submit a GVHS grievance form along with the grievance investigation fee and any current or additional documentation.
  2. The GVHS Administration office will contact the Grievance Committee and provide them with any documentation and information already accrued regarding the grievance.
  3. The committee will review and send a copy of the grievance to the person(s) about whom it was written, giving them the opportunity to respond and resolve it informally with the sender, if possible.
  4. If the person about whom the report was written resolves the matter with the sender, he/she may submit that information to the Grievance Committee. The Committee will appropriately file the information but will take no further action. The report and any informal resolution of the matter will remain on file.
  5. If at any time the sender of the grievance feels the matter is fully resolved, they may request that the grievance be withdrawn.  In this case the Committee will remove all copies of the initial information regarding the grievance from the files of the GVHS.
  6. Based on the content of the responses and the response from the accused, the Committee shall determine whether additional investigation or action is necessary. If the complainant(s) fail to provide adequate substantiation, the Committee will submit a report to the Board of Directors but will take no further investigatory action. If the accused provides adequate substantiation to refute the allegations, the Committee will submit a report to the Board of Directors but will take no further investigatory action.
  7. If the issue is not resolved then upon completion of the review and based on the facts of the case, the Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors that:
    1. No further action be taken due to insufficient evidence, OR
    2. No further action be taken due to the nature of the grievance, OR
    3. The formal grievance be filed for review by the Board of Directors.
    4. The Board of Directors will then decide the course of action by a 2/3 vote.
  8. If the issue is voted on the side of the complainant(s) the grievance fee will be refunded.
  9. The investigation process will be completed within 90 days and the complainant will receive a written (or email) notice from the Board of Directors as to the action taken.
  10. Grievance committee investigative reports are confidential.  Reports may be reviewed in person, but not distributed outside the Committee and Board of Directors.




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