Registration Policy and Procedures

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society[GVHS] maintains the studbooks of purebred Gypsy Vanner Horses. A horse cannot be called a Gypsy Vanner Horse until it has met all the criteria for registration with the GVHS studbooks as it is from time to time amended. There will be three separate studbooks maintained by the GVHS, The Regular Gypsy Vanner Studbook and The Gypsy Vanner Pre Studbook and a Temporary Studbook. All horse registered prior to April 1, 2009 are in The Gypsy Vanner Studbook.




  1. Read the registration rules and how they apply to your horse. (Link to the right of this page)  (New use of breeder prefix rules starting 1/1/2024)
  2. Complete a GVHS Registration Application, online preferred, print available.

  3. If a purchased horse you must submit proof of ownership (a signed transfer form or bill of sale).
  4. Appropriate photographs as shown in the document “How to Take Photos for Registration” (Please note: The maximum photo size is 640kb)

  5. Official University of Kentucky DNA report OR a form to send in the hair sample will be sent to you once the application is processed and a registration number assigned.

  6. Non refundable fees

  7. Other forms or documents as requested


A. Horses with verifiable parentage:

  1. Sire is registered in the GVHS Regular or Pre Studbook, and
  2. Dam is registered in the GVHS Regular or Pre studbook, then
  3. Horse will be Registered in the GVHS Regular Studbook

B.  Horses with verifiable parentage:

  1. Sire is registered in the GVHS Regular or Pre Studbook, and
  2. Dam can be DNA verified, and,
  3. The Registration Committee approves
  4. The horse will be registered into the GVHS Regular Studbook

C.  Horses with verifiable parentage

  1. Sire is not GVHS registered and can be DNA verified
  2. Dam can be DNA verified (registered in Pre or Regular Studbook or unregistered), and
  3. The Registration Committee approves.
  4. The horse will be registered in the Pre Studbook



A.  Starting January 1, 2017, any mare or stallion with one or both parents not DNA- verified will not be eligible for registration until one of the following events occurs:

          1. DNA parentage qualification is confirmed on both sire and dam, at which time the registration will be processed based on the rules in place. OR
          2. The horse is presented at a GVHS evaluation and scores a 7 (x2) or higher in breed type, AND a 70 or higher overall score in conformation/movement. The registration fee and the evaluation fee must be paid prior to the evaluation.
            1. These scores will qualify the horse to be registered into the Regular Gypsy Vanner studbook after receipt of the items in Section I 1-5.
            2. If a horse fails to achieve the required scores it can be presented again at a later date for re-evaluation. OR
          3. Hardship Registration of a Stallion or Mare with unknown and/or unverifiable parentage. (1/1/2020)
            1. The horse must be foaled prior to January 1, 2017.
            2. Submit application documents and photos (see Section I). A video of the horse is also required.
            3. Pay the non- refundable hardship fee in addition to the registration and DNA fee.
            4. The registration committee must approve the registration.
            5. Upon approval the horse will be registered into the pre studbook and a letter H will be added to the registration number to designate the horse is a hardship registration.

B.  GELDINGS with unverifiable parentage by DNA may be eligible for registration.

          1. Complete requirements in Section I 1-5, and
          2. The Registration Committee approves.
          3. If Age 3 and older, will be registered in the Pre Studbook.
          4. If under age 3, will be registered in the Temporary Studbook.

C.  If the sire and dam of a horse submitted for registration cannot be DNA qualified “Foundation” may be put into that record as the sire and/or dam. If at a later date the sire or dam can be DNA verified then the GVHS records will be updated. The Registration certificate may be updated. (rev 1/1/2013)



For further Registration Rules information including Studbook Transfers, Registration Committee, Artificial Insemination and Transporting Semen, Frozen Semen of Gelding, Embryo Transfer, Cloned Foals, Cryptorchid Stallions, Registered Names, Registered Prefixes, Certificated of Registration, Ownership Transfer, Duplicate Registration Certificates, Name Change, Breeding Records, Death, Lease Agreements, Application Denial and Appeal Process for Declined Registration, refer to the Registration Rules document available in the Sidebar Menu.