Breed Expos

If you are attending a Horse Expo or other event in your area.  Contact  We will be happy to send you handout materials, magazines when available, and/or banners or signs.

Equine Affaire Breed Booths and Demos

At these expos the GVHS has a breed booth and a certain number of breed demos which is determined by the EA management.  Breed demonstrations are scripted “mini productions” to present the breed in the best way possible.  Equine Affaire tightly restricts the number of horses in the demos.  We are very fortunate to have so many members eager to present their Vanners and we wish that they could all participate.   The breed booth manager will attempt to allow as many farms attending to participate in the breed booth and demos equally as possible.  In the demos the purpose is to present the breed at different disciplines so preference will be given based on being sure all disciplines are represented in each demo.  To participate in the GVHS booth and demos:

  • Must be a current GVHS member in good standing

  • All horses participating in demos and in the GVHS breed booth must be GVHS registered.
  • Must be able to have at least one person at the breed booth with extensive knowledge of the Gypsy Vanner breed when your horse is in the booth who can positively engage with the public. These individuals must be able to answer the public’s questions on the breed, their care etc. and on the GVHS including registering horses, evaluations, feather care, etc.  This person is also responsible for the horses behavior in the breed booth with safety of the public in mind.

  • Must be able to help with the setup and breakdown of the GVHS booth in the breed pavilion.

  • Once you commit we are depending on you.    The GVHS has the right to decline your participation at future EA events if you cancel for non medical reason within 2 months of the event.

  • No youth (under age 18) can participate in the GVHS breed demos or be left alone to be responsible for the horse and breed booth.
  • Exhibitors will reserve their own stabling with Equine Affaire management.
  • It is encouraged to wear the appropriate show attire for the breed demos.  Breed booth attire must be neat and clean and farm logo attire is acceptable.

To participate in the MA Equine Affaire email before September 1st if you are interested in participating.   Contact by February 1st if you are interested in participating at the Ohio Equine Affaire.