Show Managers Page

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society offers a show points program where points are earned by horses, amateurs and youth showing at GVHS points recognized show.   These points translate into recognition and awards given annually.

The GVHS does not manage any shows.  We rely on professional show managers to provide these events.

The GVHS will provide $300 sponsorship (a one day show $150) to approved shows for GVHS points program.  If the show is also using the GVHS show rules for the “gypsy” classes, a $600 sponsorship will be provided.   For this additional sponsorship the GVHS show rules must be published as the official rules of the show.   NOTICE:  Beginning January 1, 2024 all shows recognized for GVHS points will be required to use GVHS Show Rules. 

Following is some information regarding the shows and the approval process:

  • Show managers should review the Show Manager Guide
  • The show manager needs to fill out and submit a show request at least 90 days prior to the event.  Established shows should reserve their dates early to retain their schedule.
  • A limited number of shows per state will be approved.  Currently that number is 5 per state.
  • Shows must offer a reasonable number of points approved classes to be approved.  See the program document regarding required classes for Amateur Owner Exhibitor classes. 
  • Show managers are encouraged to offer shows in areas that may not have as many show opportunities.
  • If offering back to back shows at the same location, the same judges cannot be used for both.
  • Show managers must be knowledgeable in the show rules, and hire ring officials that are also knowledgeable in the rules.
  • Each show can have 1-2 judges that will be recognized for points.  The exception is the Gypsy Vanner National Show which allows 3 judges.
  • It is required that GVHS carded judges be used as point judges.  There are exceptions and each exception will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Show managers (or the show secretary managing entries) must review the registration certificates to be sure the horse is registered and is entered into the appropriate classes for age and gender.
  • In order for the GVHS to maintain a quality program the show manager should make available the GVHS show feed back form and the GVHS Judge feed back form.
  • If a show has special placings or awards outside the GVHS program,  be sure to publish how these placings/awards are calculated so the exhibitors have access to that information. 
  • See the Show Manager Guide and the Show Request Form for additional information and requirements.