Educational Seminar


Education for Gypsy Vanner owners, breeders, judges and anyone interested in the breed.

The Saturday and Sunday sessions are part of the required training for potential judges and judge renewals.

Schedule of Activities

Saturday– Educational seminar classroom session, 8 am – 5 pm

  • History and foundations of the breed
  • Learn breed standard for evaluating Gypsy Vanner Horses Desirable type, conformation and way of going
  • Impacts upon genetic factors when selecting and breeding Gypsy Vanners
  • Learn conformation faults and their impact upon the breeding of Gypsy Vanners
  • Learn the fundamentals of balance, frame and their impact on the athletic horse
  • Brief review of the GVHS show rules and regulations

Sunday-Educational seminar live horse session.

  • Apply the techniques learned in the classroom session
  • Learn how to use your ‘eye’ to measure and assess balance and proportions
  • Understand tracking, stride, balance movement
  • Understand how the handler can impact upon the image and athletic expression of the horse
  • Assessment of performance horses as it relates to the breed standards

Registration Fee for seminar only:  GVHS Member-$75,  Non Member $100

To register for the seminar contact the GVHS office at