Breeder’s Directory

The Breeder’s List/ Directory will point interested parties to qualifying GVHS Breeders.

The GVHS will:
1. Create a list of Gypsy Vanner horse breeders from applications  submitted.
2. Post the list on the website and update it monthly, refer those seeking a breeder to the list and/or email or mail the list upon request.
3. Make the list available at expos or events where there are GVHS sponsored breed booths.
4. A breeder listed on the Breeders List will get a free subscription to the online registry for the same period.
5. A breeder on the Breeders List will get a discount ($50) off a half page or larger ad in The Vanner magazine.
6. Provide a listing of the Breeders on the Breeders List (at the time of publication) in The Vanner magazine.

The Breeder applicant will:
1. Fill out a Breeder List application and pay an annual fee of $50
2. Abide by the following rules to be eligible for the Breeders list:
a. Be a GVHS General or Lifetime member in good standing;
b. Own GVHS registered stallion(s) and/or mare(s);
c. Register foals produced with the GVHS within one year of birth;
d. Stallion breeding contracts will include that mare owners will submit eligible foals for GVHS registration;
e. Submit all owner forms (stallion report, breeding certificates) as required;
f. Submit transfer and transfer fees on sold horses within 60 days of transfer; and
g. Recommend GVHS membership to new owners.