Stay Informed

This page is to provide our membership with a quick and easy way to stay informed on changes,  things being discussed by committees and/or the board of directors,  proposals etc.  Some things shown here are simply in the idea or discussion stage, and we welcome you to contact the GVHS at with your questions, comments, ideas and suggestions on any of these topics.

DNA ROAN test is now available.  “The test for Roan does not detect the actual mutation that causes the roan coat color pattern. The single nucleotide variant (SNV) does not affect the protein-coding sequence of the KIT gene.  This SNV is therefore designated as a MARKER for Roan. This marker was found NOT to be linked to the roan coat color in several pony breeds and the original study only confirmed the linkage in Swedish Trotters and Belgian draft horses.   The significance of a marker test compared to a direct test for the causative mutation is that there may not be 100% concordance of the SNV with the color pattern. Therefore horse owners should exercise caution when advertising that their horse is homozygous (or heterozygous) for roan.”

2022 GVHS financial information and minutes are posted on the Members Only page.

There are updates to the General Rules and Election page regarding elections.

See whats expected in a performance evaluation.   video links on Evaluation page.

Show results are now posted to the GVHS website.

Beginning with the 2024 show season,  any show that would like to be GVHS approved for points will be required to use the GVHS rules.  A show can have supplemental rules,  but no supplemental rules can override the GVHS rules.

The GVHS has an Education page on the website.

Show rules for 2023 posted on the GVHS website.

Amateur Owner division added starting 2023.

The GVHS declared amateur list is updated to the website monthly,  be sure to check it to confirm you are listed if you are showing as an amateur.

There is a new recognition section added to the evaluation program.  Horses under age 3 that score 75 or more in conformation/movement are 1st Premium,  horses under age 3 that score 65-74 are 2nd premium.  Check the evaluation program page for locations in 2023,

2023 Annual Meeting & Seminar confirmed for February 24-26, 2023 in Grapevine, Texas at the Hilton DFW Lakes Center.  Mark your calendar, watch for more details.

Trainers Directory created.  If you are a trainer contact the