Working Equitation

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society is an affiliate organization with the USA Working Equitation organization.   The organization offers several levels and types of “trials” you can do with your Gypsy Vanner.  There are different types of trials and you can see the detail about each on the USAWE website at

Ease of Handling Trial;  Speed Trial;  Cattle Trial;  Dressage Trial

USAWE recognizes the performance achievements of horses and riders who compete in Working Equitation in the United States, as well as International members competing under USAWE licensed judges. The goals of the Awards Programs include promoting the sport, encouraging horse and rider development, and honoring the incredible partnerships that exist between Working Equitation horses and riders.

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society will be sponsoring Gypsy Vanner breed division awards.  To be eligible the horse must be GVHS registered and the owner must be a GVHS member.   Check the USAWE calendar on their website for event locations, and contact them to create one in your area.