Legion (Lifetime) Points Program

NOTICE:  DO NOT submit your Legion points for a show year that is not yet posted to this page.  This means no Legion Points forms accepted until January after the show points are final for the previous show year.  The Legion form you send must reconcile with the points list posted on this page. 

This program will award horses that achieve accumulated points goals in GVHS approved shows.  This program is an extension of the GVHS Annual Show Points Awards program for horse points (does not include Amateur or Youth).  To accumulate points for the Legion Awards you must earn points in the Annual Show Points program.  Review the document GVHS Show Points Program for rules and how to qualify for the program.

The GVHS will track the points based on the results provided by the show managers.   Points will be posted on the website regularly.  At the end of each show year, if an owner feels their horse has reached a Legion Program goal and title they can submit the official GVHS Legion Program form.  The information will then be verified by the GVHS office.

The horse will qualify each year to accumulate points in this program based on the Qualifying Rules in the GVHS Show Points program.  Once a horse has qualified and accumulated its final published points for a show year the points will remain valid for this program.   If a horse is not participating in a subsequent  year they will still retain the points from previous years.

This program begins with the 2012 show year.   The points for current show year are not recognized for Legion Points until that show year is ended and all points are final.

Goals and Titles:

Legion of Honor

  • 250 points (minimum of 125 of the points must be in performance)

Legion of Excellence

  • 500 points (minimum of 250 of the points must be in performance)

Hall of Fame

  • 1000 points (400 points in halter and 600 points in performance to qualify)

GVHS Super Horse

  • 3000 points (1200 points in halter and 1800 points in performance to qualify)
    Evaluated 4 Star or higher in conformation
  • Gold Medallion of Quality in 2 or more divisions

Once verified the horse can claim the title Legion of Honor (LOH), Legion of Excellence (LOE), Hall of Fame or Super Horse.   The GVHS will include a list of Legion Program horses and their award titles on the website and in The Vanner magazine.