No matter who you are or how much experience you have, education should never end.   Everyone from the very experienced to the new horse owner or the person interested in learning more…just because,  can benefit from education.  Education can come in many forms.  With your support the foundation can help educate in many ways which benefit the welfare of the horse and human.

Seminars can be many different topics and take many forms from a small group to a large group,  from a formal classroom setting to standing in a field of horses or in an arena.  From education on history to conformation to judging are just some of the topics for seminars.



Clinics may focus on educating using a horse, or focus on the person,  or both.   The clinic in this photo was showing the skeletal system drawn on an actual horse and what happens when the horse moves.  There are numerous clinics that can be offered to educate the Gypsy Vanner community, from basic grooming & horse handling to harness fit to breeding and everything in between.


Gypsy Vanner Horse Evaluations is an important program that educates the owner on the conformation and movement of their individual horse, providing  valuable information for smart breeding decisions and for the overall health and welfare of the animal.