Equine Trail Sports

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society has partnered with the Equine Trail Sports organization to recognize ETS events and to count the points/miles/hours earned from ETS events toward breed organization awards and offering high point year-end awards based on ETS activity.  The GVHS will honor and award the top ten Gypsy Vanners in ETS each year at the GVHS annual awards banquet.

To be eligible for GVHS awards the horse must be GVHS registered and the owner a GVHS member.

Enjoy the variety of Trail Challenges, Obstacle Courses, and Recreation Rides in a fun and family friendly environment. Enjoy access to private ranch lands and beautiful public parks while bonding with your Gypsy Vanner Horse.

The Equine Trail Sports organization offers many events and is eager to help you establish some in your area.  The ETS tracks your participation and reports them in real time on their website.  To enter this program visit the Equine Trail Sports website.