Breeder Prefixes


  • A GVHS member may register a prefix for a fee of $100. This is a one time charge. Prefixes are required to be used in naming every foal recorded by the breeder that owns the prefix.
  • Breeders may have only one active prefix, only the owner of the prefix can use it.
  • Every animal bred by the prefix owner shall bear such a prefix.
  • The breeder is considered to be the person who owns the dam at the time of birth of the foal being named unless otherwise designated.
  • Animals sold in utero may use the prefix of the owner of the dam.
  • In instances of herd or dispersal sales where all or a large part of a herd is sold to one purchaser, the herd prefix may be transferred to the new owner(s) upon written permission of the breeder and approval of the BOD.
  • Owners right to prefix shall be at least two letters and included with the name of the horse cannot exceed the 40 letter limit for naming.
  • The words Vanner, Romany, and Gypsy can not be used alone as a prefix.

Prefix Form

Fill out the prefix form below. Be sure to check the listing of prefixes already in use by clicking the link above. The GVHS reserves the right to refuse a prefix and/or request you choose a different one.