GVHS Show Points Award Program

The GVHS provides show rules (see link on this page) to be used by Gypsy Vanner breed shows.    Be sure to review for additional show rules for the show you are attending that may be provided by that show.

GVHS Awards & Points Program effective for the 2020 show season.  New qualifying rules, awards and points class list.  

Near the beginning of each year the GVHS Board of Directors reviews Show Checklists to develop a list of Points-Approved breed shows for the year.  The GVHS reserves the right to approve or deny a show for points.

These are the shows that will accumulate points for GVHS registered horses owned by GVHS members, and for GVHS Youth and declared Amateur Members. Additional shows may be approved and added throughout the year, however any show to be considered must be requested on the GVHS official show request form at least 90 days prior to the show date(s).

All shows on the list are independently managed.

The following awards are presented annually:

  • High Point Overall Gypsy Vanner Horse
  • High Point Performance WJ/WT Gypsy Vanner Horse
  • High Point Performance WJL/WTC Gypsy Vanner Horse
  • High Point Driving Gypsy Vanner Horse
  • High Point Halter Gypsy Vanner Horse
  • High Point Amateur
  • High Point Performance Amateur
  • High Point Halter Amateur
  • High Point Youth
  • High Point Performance Youth
  • High Point Halter Youth

Additional Information

  • Points are only given for qualifying classes at the approved shows.
  • The GVHS does not provide show results, exhibitors may want to track their results, or get that information from the show management
  • The exhibitor or owner should review the points posted by the GVHS. After 12/31 of the show year the points are final.
  • Points are only given for classes for Gypsy Vanners (may include other Gypsy “types” Cob/Horse).
  • Classes where the Gypsy Vanner is competing directly with another breed such as a class for Friesians/Gypsy Vanners/Drum Horses all in the ring, does not qualify as a breed class for show points.
  • It is suggested, but not mandatory for Youth/Amateur riding classes to be split. GVHS is looking out for the safety of our Youth and Amateurs.  However Halter classes MUST be separate for those points to count towards GVHS Year End Awards.
  • For more detailed information on the High Point Awards Program, refer to  GVHS High Point Awards Program.
  • GVHS Legion (Lifetime Points) Awards