Bandera Broadchurch GV#05837

Bandera Broadchurch

Buckskin Pintaloosa Gypsy Vanner Stallion

Born February 22, 2018

GVHS Registered

Will be microchipped prior to leaving


Pssm1: n/n

FIS: n/n

Height: 14.2 1/2 hands

$30,000 in tact



Hermit’s Rockytop x Babydoll’s Filly of Lexlin

Broadchurch is such a sweet, sweet boy. He is so easy to handle for breeding and for showing and gets along well with other stallions, so he is kept in a herd with them. He is very kind and loving.

Broadchurch is one that I acquired as a yearling. He has been shown and has points in halter and performance. He is broke to ride and has had about a year and a half under saddle. Once in a while he can lack confidence like any young horse so for that reason he should have an intermediate rider, or a confident beginner who is working with a trainer.

Broadchurch is a perfect first stallion, because he has great manners and is extremely well handled, but would make a very fun gelding also. I think he has a lot of potential as a dressage horse, but should continue to do well on the breed circuit as well. He is very easy to handle and has excellent ground manners, and has been ridden by beginners and shown by total novices who haven’t handled horses. He placed 4th in Nationals in his stallion halter class in 2020. He has points in halter and performance. He is a fun horse to show! He does all the stuff a show horse should do, like clip, bathe, keep his mouth shut, and ignore stallions and mares in public settings.

Broadchurch is one that I really don’t need to keep since I own his uncle and two of his cousins, but he gets along so well with my other stallions that he is just easy to keep! So he is being offered for sale to a loving home. Broadchurch has sired two foals, a colt and a filly. He has two foals due in 2024. Because he is so easy to have around and can stay with the other stallions, he can be sold in payments. He is such a fun horse and would make a great herd sire or companion. I was pregnant last year so Broadchurch has not had a lot of riding since around June of 2023 but when I do get on him, he rides right off. He would make a wonderful amateur friendly/amateur maintained stallion or an excellent gelding.

For Sale