Gypsy Vanner Photo Contest Galleries


 Theme – Gypsy Vanner(s) and Other Animals

  • Only amateur photos taken by GVHS members
  • Only two entries per photographer will be considered.
  • Must be photos never before submitted for a GVHS photo contest.
  • Send to no later then May 1, 2020
  • Must be .jpg file, and the name and contact information of the photographer included along with the name and GVHS registration number of the horse(s) in the photo. (exception is a foal under 6 months of age).
  • By entering this contest the photographer gives permission for the GVHS to use the photo in promotion of the GVHS and/or Gypsy Vanner horse.
  • First place $100 cash prize,  Second place $50 cash prize.
  • Judging will be done by a panel of 3 judges.



2014 Contest Winners


WINNERS of the WINTER 2013 contest are now posted below!!

Click on individual winning photos to view large image with horse, owner, photographer info in caption.