Wispy Bliss Envision of CCGV

He is a PERLINO Stallion – Ee, AA, CrCr, tt, nSW1, nPATN1, PSSM1 negative 
Registration number GV04916P
Owner will guarantee with the double agouti and double cream that your foal will be “of color” – 
one of 4 no matter what the dna of the mare – PERLINO, BUCKSKIN, PALOMINO or CREMELLO
The only variable is the “tobiano” – If the mare has a big T – then you might get one of these colors in a tobiano…
2016 National Champion Yearling Stallion… and this past year in Shows – he was named
Grand Champion Stallion for several shows.  Standing at Clemson University Equine Center.
Capital Carriage Gypsy Vanners
Easley, SC
telephone 864-449-1186
email rundasher@aol.com
Stallion is standing at Clemson University Equine Center