HSF Tatu

HSF Tatu – GVHS registration number GV04438

HSF Tatu will be standing at KD Performance Horses for the 2020 breeding season!

Tatu has a 100% success rate with first-shipment pregnancies!
EE nW20 PSSM1 Negative
(Roman of HSF X Gucci of HSF)

Grand Champion Overall- Halter and Performance
Reserve Grand Champion Overall- Halter and Performance
Reserve Grand Champion Overall Driving
Reserve Grand Champion Overall Trail
Grand Champion Halter Stallions
Supreme Grand Champion Stallion
Reserve Grand Champion Senior Stallions
Multiple wins in Halter
First Place Wins in USEF Training Level and Western Dressage
(and many more wins to come- showing with Katie Hembree during the 2020 show season)

Tatu is bridging the gap of pretty and performance- having a successful show career in both halter, dressage suitability in hand, and performance. Bringing home wins in western pleasure, english pleasure, dressage suitability, USEF dressage, western dressage, ranch riding, poles, trail, pleasure driving, reinsmanship, cones classes… there’s nothing this amazing young stallion hasn’t done, and done well, by bringing home the wins.

Tatu is showing his ability to pass on his heavy bone, abundant hair, fox ears, and people-loving personality to his foals. Aside from his correct conformation and athletic ability, Tatu is a sweet and hard-working horse that can compete at the top with his trainer and then come home and give lessons to the rankest of beginners. There is truly no reason to compromise- have it all in one amazing package!