Official Registry for the Gypsy Vanner Horse est. 1996

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

Vanner Advantage Program

The Vanner Advantage Program is a program that provides awards to those who get their Gypsy Vanner out to events to present the breed to the public.  The points are accumulated based on individual horse.

*The points are given to Registered Gypsy Vanner Horses whose owner is a GVHS member during the Program year.

*This list is not conclusive but are examples of some of the types of events that qualify for Vanner Advantage points;  open shows, open mixed breed classes at Gypsy Vanner shows;  expositions;  long distance events;  American Driving Society events;  other pleasure driving events such as Driving Club drives;  organized trail rides;  clinics, parades.  If you are not sure if your event qualifies check with the GVHS office.

Points are awarded based on 1 point per class, or per event day depending on what type of event it is.

The top 10 horses are presented with awards.  This can be and often is more then just 10 horses due to multiple ties for points awarded.

There are also points awarded to youth Members who are Vanner Advantage participants.  These points are assigned based on the youth
participation in the aforementioned types of events.  Both the youth and the youths horse can potentially win awards.

Must be submitted by January 15th for the previous years events (example:  2012 events must be postmarked no later then Jan 15th 2013)

To submit your activities you must use the Vanner Advantage form.. Mail your completed forms to:

Dana Kilgore
7198 Lindley-Worley Rd
Pleasant Plain, OH 45162

Vanner Advantage Form

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