Official Registry for the Gypsy Vanner Horse est. 1996

Registered Horses

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The following horses are pending the DNA test report.  If you are the owner contact the GVHS office.

Clononeen Harmony
CaraVanner's The Sadler Mare
Golden Girl
Highland Phantom
Imperial's Midnight Chrome
Aisling Hallelujah
GG Latcho's Mighty Aphrodite
Meadowbrook GiGi of Cushti Bok
Horse Feathers Rhumba
Featherwinds Audrey Hepburn Filly
GG Shoguns God of War
FCR Isarenegade
Northwinds Evangeline
Freelands Miss Liberty
Riverpointe Tory
Maribell of MVP
Image Setters Jimbos Dazzle
Oakfields Jessie's Maybe Its Maybelline
GG Barbie Doll
GG Calendar Girl
KF King Arthur
Freelands Selina
Sinatra of MVP
Gotta Be Gucci Gypsy Princess