How to Take Photos For Registration

To register a horse it is required that you send 4 photos of your horse, one from each side, one direct from
the front and one direct from the rear. The photos should not be too large so they can be easily emailed and
inserted into the GVHS database software system. The photos are used for registration approval and for
identification of the horse. The side photos will appear on the registration certificate.
EXAMPLE of Proper Photos





The entire horse is shown from top to bottom, no part of the horse is cut off or obscured in the photos. The horse is standing on a surface that properly shows the feather, not hidden in grass or snow. The horse is standing in a reasonable conformation pose, not grazing. The horse does not have to be show groomed, but should be reasonably clean in order to show the feather and markings. When registering a more mature horse with a thick long tail, the tail should be held out of the way in the rear photo so that the leg conformation and markings can be seen. The tail could also be braided or tied up. At least one side of the neck should be shown not covered in mane.

Photos can be emailed to the GVHS, or sent in the mail to be scanned in.