Gold Cup Futurity

Due to low participation, the Futurity Program is Suspended at this time.

In 2005 the Great Lakes Gypsy Vanner Horse Club created the Gold Cup Futurity. This program operated as a regional futurity successfully for several years.   The Great Lakes club ultimately ceased all activity, and the program and the futurity funds were passed on to the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. There was an attempt to operate the program, but there was very little participation, not enough for the program to sustain itself. The program was put on hold. The remaining futurity funds are in a savings account at Chase bank.

For several years the GVHS management team has attempted to create interest in this program. There have been numerous notices and requests hoping someone will propose a workable program. The program rules state “There are no refunds from the Futurity funds. All funds become the property of the Futurity program. In the event the Futurity Program is dissolved, closed, or cancelled all remaining funds will be donated to or distributed to one or more non- profit equine organizations. Anyone who participates in this program in any manner accepts these rules without recourse”. (see full program and rules on this page )

The GVHS management team is requesting that anyone that is interested, to design a proposal for a Gypsy Vanner futurity please submit their proposal, in writing, no later than December 31, 2018. The proposal must provide the complete detail program that must be self- supporting and be able to benefit any Gypsy Vanner owner/breeder in North America that would choose to participate in the program. If there is no potential workable proposal(s) the current futurity funds will be available for distribution per the program rules. Contact the GVHS office for any questions or to submit a proposal.

Gold Cup Stallions

A stallion can be nominated as a Gold Cup Stallion with a one time fee of $500. These owners have made an investment in the future of the breed and the GVHS. The futurity program has been put on hold due to lack of participation in the futurity classes. Keep watch for future development in the program.

The stallions listed are alphabetical by name.

Gold Cup Stallions