Romany King Jr.

Romany King Junior (GV05959).
Born: June 6, 2014.
Sire: Romany King (GV00055F)
Dam: Whitney (GV01825P)
Price: $ 15,000.00 U.S. dollars
Junior has all the desirable Gypsy Vanner traits – extra calm disposition, heavy boned, beautiful apple bum, small pretty pony head, lots of hair – a thick double mane, his tail was down to the ground at 3 years old.  Junior is black with a white blaze and white socks shaped like mountains.  We can’t see a weakness in him and believe he will be as good as his father.  He is PSSM1 N/N.   Junior’s Dam is Whitney a high quality Tobiano Mare imported from the U.K.  The owner of Junior’s half-brother, Black Forest William, was able to ascertain that Whitney is a Steve Down’s Mare whose Sire is said to be a John Vine Stallion.
Junior began his training with a professional trainer at 6 months.  He started training to ‘pull’ but was too young to start riding training when the trainer moved from our area.
We have collected some very high quality Gypsy Vanner breeding stock.  Unfortunately we are experiencing some major health issues and will not be able to pursue our dream of breeding Gypsy Vanners and so are also selling two young mares with excellent lineage.

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