OnceUponA Sunset Serenade

OnceUponA Sunset Serenade (GV03116)

Born: July 1, 2012

Sire: OnceUponA Farm’s D’artagnan (GV01404F2)

Dam: Crystal (GV00589F)

Price: for Serenade $13,000 Candian or $9,800 U.S. Dollars

Price for Serenade and foal: $17,000 Canadian or $12,800 U.S. Dollars

We have collected some very high quality Gypsy Vanner breeding stock.  Unfortunately we are experiencing some major health issues and will not be able to pursue our dream of breeding Gypsy Vanners and so are selling two young mares with excellent lineage and one exceptional stallion, a son of Romany King. The three can be purchased as a breeding package or separately.  One of the mares is Serenade. Serenade has been trained to ride by a professional Natural Horsemanship Trainer with lessons over a two year period.  She has striking Tobiano markings including a black crown on her forehead and one beautiful blue eye with white eyelashes. Her other brown eye has black eye lashes.  Serenade is a real beauty.

Serenade has multiple famous Gypsy Vanners in her lineage.  She is a granddaughter of the famous Lion King and others in her lineage include The Gypsy King, Vintage Vanner’s Bommarito, Papuza, The Roadsweeper, Son of Robert Watson’s Old Horse, The P.O. Mare, Blossom’s Filly, The Smiling Horse, and The Walking Bank.

Serenade is very intelligent and her personality is typically “here I am – what’s up!?”  She is currently in foal by Romany King Junior – our exceptional stallion who shares many traits with his famous sire (same extra mellow disposition, same conformation and height).  Due date in mid-July.  This should be an exceptional foal with the Lion King and Romany King so close in its lineage.

Contact:  mountainmeadowsfarm@shaw.ca

Phone: 250-229-4399

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