OnceUponA Blue Dawn’s Kiss

OnceUponA Blue Dawn’s Kiss (GV03115)

Born:  April 6, 2012

Sire: Simon (GV01828P)

Dam: Nimue (GV00183F1)

Reduced For Quick Sale: $11,300.00 U.S. Dollars or $15,000 Canadian Dollars

We have collected some exceptional high quality Gypsy Vanner breeding stock.  Unfortunately we are experiencing some major health issues and will not be able to pursue our dream of breeding Gypsy Vanners and so are selling two young mares with excellent lineage and one exceptional stallion, a son of Romany King.   One of the mares is Kiss.  Kiss has been trained to ride by a professional Natural HorsemanshipTrainer with lessons over a two year period.  Kiss is very athletic, and loves people. She is registered as ‘black’ but is actually a beautiful chestnut brown (unusual for a Gypsy) and has more hair than many Gypsy stallions and her feathering drags on the ground!

Kiss has many famous Gypsy Vanners in her lineage including The Gypsy King, Mary, The Lion King, Blossom’s Filly, The Road Sweeper, Daughter of Bob the Blagdon, Vines Blagdon Chestnut Mare, Samson of Wales, and Bulls-eye.  She loves attention, is very affectionate and mellow.

Contact:  mountainmeadowsfarm@shaw.ca

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